Wessex Racing Club

The Wessex Racing Club which is run by Jeremy Blackburn and Jeremy Barber. The Barber name has been synonymous in horse racing circles for several years, firstly through the exploits of Jeremy’s father Richard Barber who was both a leading point to point trainer and as someone with an unrivalled talent for spotting value horses. Jeremy is a director of Wincanton racecourse, Point to Point Association (PPA) board member and of course father to Jack Barber.

Jeremy Blackburn, is from the West Country and has recently retired from the corporate world as Head of Media and Communications. He has always shared a passion for racing with Jeremy Barber and is connected to our yard as an owner and a long time supporter. His wife Lucy is my secretary. 

Both the Jeremys are passionate about National Hunt racing and the two primary goals of  Wessex Racing are to give more people the opportunity to get closer to the action at a relatively low cost, and to reinvest the funds from members in buying more horses and to continue to grow the appeal of club membership.

Initially, they will have 2 horses in training – one with us here at Potwell and the other with Jack Barber. Both horses will be trained with a view to running in the Autumn of 2018 – at the early stage of the development of the Club they will invest in seasoned campaigners with the aim to go racing as often as possible.


Membership fees will initially be £100 per month for the first 75 people who join, and then reduce to £90 per month, for everyone, when there are 76 members; reduce to £80 per month, for everyone, when there are 151 members; and to £70 per month, for everyone, when there are 251 or more members in The Club. If the total membership number falls into a lower band then the pricing structure will be amended, and the price will go up according to the band.

Please note that the 12-month membership fee is not subject to any additional requests for payment in relation to the keeping and training of the racehorses, no matter what costs the Club may incur.

Communications will include regular updates through email, social media, Whatsapp! , videos and a website. Stable visits and gallop watching at both Jack Barber and Anthony Honeyball yards and of course visits to the racecourse to watch the horses run.

Visit – www.wessexracingclub.com

Prize Money:

The prize money issued to members will be broken down as follows:

Members 01-75 – 50%

Members 76-150 – 25%

Members 151-250 – 15%

Members 251 + - 10%

If members leave the club after 12 months people below them in the membership list will move up the order and as a result may be in a higher band.

Any prize money won by the Wessex Racing Clubs’ horses will be determined by Weatherbys, the Horseracing Industry’s administrators, offset by any payments to jockeys and trainers, and the remaining prize money will then be split amongst members. The prize money fund will be held on behalf of the members by the Club before distribution on an annual basis.

Prize money payments will be apportioned to the length of membership. Starting from August 1 2018 and then divisible by a 1/12 per month until pay-out on July 31st 2019.

For example, if a member joins in October 2018 they will get 9/12ths (3/4) of their percentage share or January 6/12ths (1/2). This recognises the commitment of those people who sign up early for the club.


Possible Questions:

How much does it cost to train the horses?

With two horses in training we need to budget £4000 per calendar month. This covers stabling and training of the horses, shoes, entries, travel and staff costs at the races.

When you have enough funding to cover training what happens to the money not spent on training the horses?

Our objective is to increase the number of horses in training from 2 as soon as we can so the membership fees will be invested to have more horses. Once we believe we have sufficient funds to buy the right horse for the club and we have sufficient funds to cover training costs we will increase the number of horses in the club.

In addition to buying more horses for the Club, we will also spend the fees on communications, including advertising, and for administration costs related to training the horses and any costs incurred in running the Club.

Do Club members own the horse?

Full “legal and equitable title” to The Club’s horses remain at all times with The Club, at no time does a Member have a legal or another interest in any of the horses referred, or indeed any share of.

We will continue to look for and invest in seasoned campaigners with the aim to go racing as often and provide members with as much “live” action as possible.

How do I get tickets to the races?

When the horses run owner’s badges are available and every member is entitled to apply for a ticket for a place in the parade ring.


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